YZ Intelligent Docking Station For Tesla 27W Quick Charger USB Shunt Hub For Model 3 2021 2022 Model Y Central Control Splitter

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1——Two options available

Optional ambient lighting and no lighting options2——By comparison, the advantages are fully demonstrated

By comparison, the advantages are fully demonstrated

Various details of similar products are crushed to the same level

Visible upgrade

The new three generation central control expansion dock is ingeniously integrated with central control

Annual explosive strength sales crown

Not all docking stations have a formal inspection report

27W quick charge package combination

The original car stealth intelligent docking station

Hidden form multi-protocol 4 interface expansion charging faster transmission more stable

Warm hint: This docking station can only be transmitted if the central control position of the original vehicle supports data transmission

Original technology subverts design

By far the better fit for Tesla's central dock

Comparison before and after Installation

No need to worry about less interfaces of the original vehicle for lossless installation

Meet a variety of use requirements at the same time

Listen to the charging game music simultaneously

The original car is in the same color and fits perfectly with the central control system

The original vehicle process embedded mounting height fit with the central control as one

9——Fast charge increases speed by 400%, 27W fast charge refuses turtle speed charge

Equipped with 27W fast charging interface stable charging 4 times speed

Long-term use does not affect the central control cover plate reset opening and closing push and pull

The flange fit embedded installation does not affect the opening and closing of the cover plate

Does not affect the storage box Install Push Pull

Small size does not affect the installation and normal use of the storage box

Schematic diagram of internal structure

Built-in storage box can be moved at will

Support Apple/Huawei/Qualcomm and other fast charging protocols

Compatible with Qualcomm QC2.0, QC3.0, QC4.0/Huawei HiSilicon FCP, SCP, Apple USB PD2.0, USB PD3.01——Farewell to messy, neat and beautiful

Farewell to messy, neat and beautiful

Charging cable is not messy to improve the overall grade

Atmosphere lighting design, beautiful lighting, power failure of car lock

The light bar lights up when the power is on. The lock turns off when the power is off. The LED light is low power

No power consumption and create atmosphere to illuminate the central control box

Open the central control cover, and the atmosphere is more high-end

LED central control atmosphere lamp design creates a high-end atmosphere

Adjustable atmosphere lamp ,Control light on and off

The infrared induction electric panel is pushed and pulled continuously for 3 times

Close the central control cover,The interior light turns off automatically

The size of the expansion dock is ingeniously designed to fit inside the central control box, and the light automatically goes out to avoid energy loss

Tapered angle fit, thin thickness does not take up space

New integrated design, lighter, thinner and more space saving

Can connect handle,play multiplayer games

New integrated design, lighter, thinner and more space saving

Plug and play for easy insertion and removal

The socket of the original car needs to be looked down, which is not conducive to plugging

Fast charging for multiple devices,Ease the anxiety of electricity consumption for long-distance travel

Lossless transmission of music and other data into the car machine, more convenient to read data

Four port multi-function expansion, multi protocol fast charging of peak power

Easily solve the problems of insufficient interior interfaces and slow charging speed

Polymer core, more reassuring for intelligent protection

Imported electronic components, built-in multiple protection system

Product information1——Two options available