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Note that this product is windshield wipers blade Insert Rubber strip (Refill)  Bracketless/Frameless.
Applicable to 99% of global models
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The original wiper skeleton quality is good, performance is more stable, just need to change the rubber strip can restore the original appearance, save costs, enjoy the fun of their own hands-on
Replacing the original wiper is a waste. It only needs to replace the rubber blade in the wiper. It is very environmentally friendly, just like razor changing blades.
Selecting the same type of wiper rubber strip The rubber strip is more matched with the wiper frame,stable
Size comparison table

NO.1  Select the wiper type below is the representative of the common wiper type.   
1,A / Iron frame wipers
2,B / Boneless wiper
3,C / Three section 8.5mm wipers
4,D / Three section 10mm wipers
5,E / dovetail Snap ring wipers
There are 5 types of A/B/C/D/E.