ROUE Snow Foam Lance Foamer Cannon Gun Soap Foam Generator High Pressure Car Washer Accessories For Karcher Nilfisk Parkside WAP

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ROUE Snow Foam Cannon

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Parcel contents:

1. Brass body of foam maker

2. 1 Litre bottle, marked with volume calibration line

3. Suction tube

4. Chosen adapter

5. PTFE sealing tape

6.Extra brass nozzle 1.1mm ( For small pressure washer)


1. Spray Pattern: Adjustable Vertical & Horizontal

2. Material: Brass & ABS

3. Tank Volume: 1000 ml – 32 oz

4. Requires pressure: 70 bar – 1000 PSI

5. Maximum pressure: 280 bar – 4000 PSI

6. Highest Water Temperature: 60℃/140℉


1. Pressure range: 70 bar ~ 280 bar (1000 psi ~ 4000 psi), both home-use and professional pressure washers work perfectly;

2. Foaming performance: Plentiful, thick and high-dense foam, heavy duty and durable design, resistant to chemicals.

3. Capacity of bottle: 1 L

4. Adjustable spray pattern – vertical or horizontal, variable spray angle from pencil 0° to fan 60° .

5. The regulating knob on top allows you to adjust the water to soap ratio, which enables you to increase or decrease the thickness of the foam spray.

How to Use:

1. Assembling the Adapter with sealing tape to Snow Foam Lance, then connect it to the Pressure Washer Gun or Extension Lance.

2. To get dense foam, add around 10% car washing shampoo and 90% water into bottle.

3. The Regulator Knob controls the amount of soap and water mixture that is drawn from the bottle.

4. With Foam Lance's adjustable Fan Nozzle, you can adjust the spray pattern from vertical to horizontal style and from a straight stream to a wide fan.

Customer Service:

If there is any inquiry or questions, you can send message and photo to our customer service, we will reply within 24-hour!!!

Optionele Adapters (zie de afmetingen voor referentie hieronder)

A.For Lavor / PARKSIDE/ Some of Hammer Flex / some of Interskol / Sterwins / Vax / some of Champion / Craftsman / Briggs stratton pressure washer;

B.For some of Huter /some WAP/ Anlu / Kolner pressure washer;

C. For some of Karcher Pro HD/ HDS pressure washer (Old trigger gun with standard M22 outlet);

D.For AR Blue Clean/ Black Decker / Michelin / some of Interskol/ some of Greenworks/ Makita / Mac Allister / Most of Bosch pressure washer;

E.For Kranzle / BOSCH GHP / Water gun with M22-Female pressure washer;

F. For Nilfisk Kew/ some of Karcher HD professional pressure washer;

G.For some of Bosch (old) / Greenworks US / Husky / Portland / Some of Hammer Flex pressure washer;

H.For Karcher K-Series pressure washer (Adapter material: Metal);

I.For Nilfisk / STIHL / HUSQVARNA / Gerni / Some of Greenworks pressure washer;

J.For some of Karcher Pro HD/ HDS pressure washer (New EASY trigger gun);

K.1/4" Quick Plug, which is a popular connector in Northen America.

L.For Elitech/some WAP/Some of Interskol / YILI / Some of Huter/ Some of Patriot/ Daewoo/ Bort / Pressure Joe / Sun Joe pressure washer;