All Type Car Wiper Rubber Refill Blade Soft Insert Strip 35 to 80 CM For BMW Mercedes Benz Windshield Wiper Replacement Parts

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Product name: wiper rubber strip (Used for Replace wiper refill) A great replacement for the old blade



There are 5 common wiper types on the market:

Type A : Metal wiper (Have Bone wiper)Rubber width is 6mm and 8mm

Type B:Boneless wiper(Wiper blades have covers at both ends)Rubber width 6 mm

Type C:Three-section wiper (The wiper has three sections)Rubber width is 8.5mm

Type D:Three-section wiper (The wiper has three sections) Rubber width is 10 mm

Type E:Buckle wiper(There is a snap ring buckle in the middle of the wiper)Rubber width is 8 mm

The replacement and installation of the wiper rubber pen core has nothing to do with the wiper interface (different interfaces will not affect the wiper rubber installation)






Easy fit.

Silent non squeak streak free.

Brand new and high quality

Easy to clean,give a clear view back for you again

A great replacement for the old blade

Material: "A" Grade Rubber, SM Processing

Colour: Black

( Noted: Because the two wipers of most cars have different lengths, we sell them separately. Please add the 2 sizes to the shopping cart and then combine the payment.)


Available Size:                                                                                            

14"=350MM 16"=400MM 17"=425MM 18"=450MM 19"=475MM 20"=500MM

21"=525MM 22"=550MM 23"=575MM 24"=600MM 26"=650MM 28"=700MM

30"=750MM 32"=800MM (The same length can perfectly match the wiper)



Width: 6mm/8mm/8.5mm/10mm(Optional)


Packing quantity: 1 pcs (single rubber)The price of a single rubber


Important note, please check the width of your existing rubber blade to ensure that the replacement rubber blade can be installed.


Type A rubber real shot photos:

Type A appearance reference:



Type B rubber real shot photos:

Type B appearance reference:


Type C rubber real shot photos:

Type C appearance reference:


Type D rubber real shot photos:

Type D appearance reference:


Type E rubber real shot photos:

Type E appearance reference: