1/5/10M Car Door Anti Collision Strip with Steel Disc Bumper Trim Edge Scratch Protector Strip Sealing Guard Styling Car Decor

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1. Improve sealing: better sound insulation and noise reduction

2. Dust-proof and water-proof: strong sealing, very effective to prevent dust and rain from entering the car

3. Cushioning and anti-collision: prevent the paint from being knocked off

4. High-quality soft rubber + stainless steel material; corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, and rust resistance

5. Never rust steel sheet: a new generation upgrade, it will not rust even if it is exposed to the air for a long time

6. Can be bent arbitrarily: the anti-collision strip is made of soft rubber, with good flexibility, and fits closely with the shape of the car; there is no need to cut the V-shaped mouth at the corner, and it can be bent directly and easily!



Installation recommendation:

1. One vertical door, it is recommended to buy 1 meter;

2. Four vertical doors, it is recommended to buy 5 meters;

3. Four doors vertical + bottom, it is recommended to buy 10 meters;

4. Four-door vertical + bottom + trunk + hood, it is recommended to buy 15 meters;

The above is the regular model size, for reference only!

It is recommended that you measure the length where you need to install. It can be disassembled and installed at will, and can be installed multiple times.



Product parameters:

Color: black, white, gray, red, blue (optional)

Specifications: 1 meter

Weight: 1 meter about 80g

Product size: length: 1 meter, width: 1*0.8cm



Packing list: sealing strip*1