10 Sheets Sound Deadener Heat Insulation Mat Car Van Sound Proofing Deadening Insulation Car Hood Insulation Silent 5mm

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Heavy Duty Premium Butyl Sound Deadening-black-pack 10 sheets-size: 250mm x 180mm-accuracy: 5mm

Description Car, motorhouse, van and machine. Also suitable for speaker closets and many other applications.

With ultra-flexible features deadly sounds can easily be shaped and shaped for narrow curves. It also fits to be used in extreme heat and cold, so it fits to be used on the bottom and internal body panels including under the machine cap. Our product is 100% water resistant will also prevent karate from forming on a surface that usually affects elements.

Specification:Colour: Sheet size: 250mm x 180mmSaturation: 5mmTotal Width: 4.8 square feet/0.45 mtr Square per Sq Mtr: 400g

Technical gain:

Active layer of visco elastic polymer 5 mm adhesive butyl-based rubber

Aluminium designer layer for maximum noise reduction enhances performance

Very efficient vibration suppressors

High performance for comparable products

Contains 30% more active material than brand leaders sound dynamic

A very efficient worker needs less product

More economically used than competitors

Product strength:

Soft and easy to use

There's no stink like a lower asphalt product

High-level adhesives stick even at extreme temperature

It's not easy to burn.

Professional butyl-based society

Invalid cost and performance ratio

Package includes:Tikar editing 10 sheets